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"My dogs don't just like their new food, they LOVE it!  They go nuts every feeding, and they've started a new party ritual after each meal, rubbing and rolling and playing to show their approval.  I did have to buy heavier bowls because they kept flipping their old ones over looking for any more GreenTripe they might have missed.  My younger girl is so happy, she started sleeping on her back right next to me rather than on her tummy at the foot of the bed--she thinks she is definitely top dog now!"


"Such a difference.  We got Zeus at 12 weeks old and fed him what was considered "the best" grain-free dog good.  Within a month he developed these bumps everywhere and within a couple of months he became lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink.  I had to rush him to the vet for steroids and antibiotics.  After 6 weeks on hydrogenized food and $600 in vet dermatology bills, he still had bumps everywhere.  We had been doing tons of research and after trying everything else and speaking to our dog trainer we switched Zeus to all raw food.  He went from hating dry and hydrogenized food (and pooping 5-6 times a day), to drooling and devouring his bowl in seconds and pooping once.  His body absorbs all the nutrients.  His coat is soft and beautiful and bump-free after two months.  We only feed him raw food and beef bones with marrow.  I honestly never thought I'd put my dog on a raw food diet.  I heard it was "so expensive, complicated, advised against," but I was definitely proven wrong on all accounts."  



"I can't tell you how pleased I am with Albright's Raw Dog Food.  When Gretta and Gerle were puppies, I fed them Instinct Raw, but this is amazing!  They love the Albright's All-Beef recipe.  They just turned 2 and they look awesome--fit, sleek and shiny.  I don't know why more people don't feed this way.  Thank you for being there for us!"


"My dog, Orbit, has had digestive issues even though we have tried various high-quality dry dog food recommended by breeders. We were frustrated that nothing was working. I knew I needed a natural solution and I REALLY wanted to work with someone local. I am very, very happy with my whole experience with Running Wild Raw Dog Food. Orbit LOVES the food and his health has improved tremendously. His coat is so shinny and soft now. With in the first week, his digestive issues resolved and have not come back. He has been on raw dog food now for almost four months. We will never go back to traditional dog food. I am so thankful for finding Jennifer and Running Wild Raw Dog Food. I recommend Running Wild to every dog person I can!"          



"We are so happy to have found Running Wild Raw Food.  Our Maltese, Tiger, is a more playful, energetic dog and has a much fuller, shinier coat than ever before.  He has gotten stronger and seems to have less digestive problems since being on a raw food diet, too."


"We started feeding our beagle Tefco Performance Dog Food a little over a year ago in an attempt to improve her health.  She had developed these terrible viral warts in her mouth that continued to grow in quantity and size, and her breath was unbearable.   We researched natural ways to strengthen her immune system and discovered that a raw diet can do exactly that.  After being on a raw diet for just over a week, we were shocked to see that the warts and bad breath were nearly gone.  We have so many friends who pay for medication and expensive vet bills for varying ailments that we thought this would be a good investment in our dog’s long-term health.  We have had her on a raw diet ever since and she loves it!" 



Click HERE for additional testimonials from breeders, law enforcement officers, K-9 instructors, and show dog handlers.  

Want to share how a raw diet has helped your best furry friend?  Click here to add your own testimonial! 

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