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How Much Should I Feed?

It’s important to be aware of how much you should be feeding your pet.  If you have never fed raw before, you may be surprised as you watch your dog’s health improve while they transition to a healthier diet.

There are a few factors that will affect the recommended amount to feed your pet such as age, activity level, and weight goals. We use the body weight percentage rule, which estimates feeding amounts based on the weight of your pet.

Body Weight Percentage Recommendation:

Above Average


(a few hours of activity
per day)

2.5% of body weight

0.025 x (dog's weight in lbs)

= daily food amount




(2 or fewer walks each day)

2.0% of body weight

0.020 x (dog's weight in lbs)

= daily food amount

Below Average


or Weight Loss Goals

1.5% of body weight

0.015 x (dog's weight in lbs)

= daily food amount

Not a fan of math?

Try our Feeding Calculator.

For example:

If you have a 40-pound adult high-energy Australian Shepherd, then you would want to feed him 2.5% (0.025) of his body weight.

40lbs x 0.025 = 1.0 lbs

You would feed your pet 1lb (daily).

This is a rough guideline for an active adult dog. Every four-legged friend will metabolize food at a different rate.  Activity level, breed, and age are just a few factors that will affect the nutritional quantities for your pet.  If your dog is underweight or hungry, feed more often and/or in greater quantity. If your pet is overweight or obese, feed less.


Keep in mind that our feeding guidelines should be used as a starting point.  Some large breeds have lower food requirements than average, and some active breeds need more food than their weight would imply. You know your pet better than we do, and you can adjust from this model as you feel best.

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