This is Jak, our sweet and beloved Vizsla.  He's our favorite snuggler, lap-climber, running partner and Grand Champion competitor.  But his coat had become dull and dry, his ears were frequently cracked and bleeding, he was suffering from allergies and runny eyes, and just lacked the energy he used to have.  At the advice of a family member who has been training dogs and feeding them raw for over 15 years in Southern California, we began Jak on an all raw meat diet.  Now his coat is sleek and shiny, his ears are healed, his allergies are gone, and he's back to his energetic self.  Our friends wanted raw food for their pups too, but getting it locally was difficult and expensive, so we founded Running Wild and have been helping families with their pets ever since.   

We believe that nutrition is the foundation to health and wellness and acts as preventative medicine for our beloved pets. Feeding your dog a raw food diet provides the best nutrition for your canine friend and will lead to a long and vital life. Running Wild Raw Food is Northern Nevada's exclusive distributor of Tefco and Albrights raw food diets for dogs; without adding grains, preservatives, artificial flavors, fillers, or byproducts; and without heat-treating, just as nature intended.

Give us a call or leave us an email with any questions you might have.  We'd love to help you see how a raw-food diet can make all the difference for your dog, too. 

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