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New to Raw?  Start here...

We believe that feeding raw is best.  But it can be confusing.  We're here to help. 

If you are still researching...

  • How do I know if raw is best for my dog?  Check out our page on Raw Food Benefits. 

  • How much do I feed my dog?  Go to Feeding Guidelines. Bypass the math and let our Raw Food Calculator do the work!

  • How do I transition my dog to raw?   Go to Transitioning To Raw.  Or call, we can help walk you through it.

  • Ok, I'm ready to get started.  What product is best for me?  Descriptions of all our products are on our Shop page.  

  • I still have questions.  Can I have a consultation and discuss my concerns in person?  Of course!  That's what we're here for.  Call us or schedule a consultation time that works for you.​  

If you're ready to order... 

I want to order online.

  • Go to our Shop page and checkout securely with Paypal or a debit/credit card.  

  • Schedule a pick up time that works for you!  For details on pickup or delivery, check out our Pick Up/Delivery page.  

I want to shop in person.

  • Schedule a time to shop that works for you.

  • Show up and purchase what you want from our extensive inventory.  We accept cash, check, credit and Venmo. 

  • Leave with goods in hand.

Still have questions?

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