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A great source of calcium, collagen, elastin, chondroitin and glucosamine--great for strengthening your dog’s bones and tendons, as well as supporting the gut cell lining.  Bones also contain other vitamins such as antioxidants vitamin E, A, and K2, and natural form amino acids.


Bones are the ultimate chew toy, providing hours of mental stimulation while also cleaning your dog's teeth naturally.   


Premium local human-grade beef marrow bones, cut and prepared in a USDA inspected facilty.


Choose from:

5lb bag marrow bones, assorted sizes

Femur, open cut, 1 per bag (approx. 3-5lb each)

Femur Knuckles, 1 per bag (approx 3-5lb each)  

Beef tendon, 1 per bag (approx 4-5lb each).  


Keep frozen until ready to use.  Always monitor your dog while feeding bones, and never feed cooked bones.  

Premium Beef Marrow Bones

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1 Pound
  • There are many health benefits of feeding marrow bones to your dog in addition to keeping their teeth naturally clean.  Additional benefits include: 

    • Maintaining bone density
    • Improves dental health
    • Supports kidney and digestive function
    • Increases skin and coat health
    • Provides mental stimulation
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