Xkaliber XT5: Lean Beef, Green Tripe, Heart, Tongue, Trachea and Ground Bone in 5lb chubs


A complete and balanced blend, specially formulated to improve your dog's health, performance, and quality of life.


All natural with no preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Made from 100% hormone-free and antibiotic-free USDA human-grade meats.


This product is excellent for younger dogs and serious working dogs. It helps build muscle, bone and stamina. It is also excellent for older dogs who may lack appetite.


Developed by GreenTripe in Gilroy, CA, from cattle that were raised on organic grass and lived in the Central Valley. The animals all pass standards for human consumption.


FOR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION ONLY. Keep frozen. Just thaw and serve.


Available in 5lb chubs and 40lb boxes (8 x 5lbs)

Xkaliber - XT5

1 Pound