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Tripe Organ Meat Blend: Beef heart, tongue, lungs, liver, spleen and pancreas with green tripe.  Available in 2lb chubs


All natural with no preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Made from 100% hormone-free and antibiotic-free USDA human-grade meats.


Full of nutrient-dense vitamins, minerals and amino acids, this product is an excellent supplement for dogs of all ages, including serious working dogs, that could use extra nutrients in their diet.  Mix with other recipes to increase the nutrient content in your dog's diet.  


  • Heart: contains more protein than muscle meat and is a concentrated source of CoQ10.  Also contains selenium, phosphorus and zinc, along with essential amino acids that help build muscle, store energy, boost stamina and endurance. 
  • Tongue: rich in zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, choline and B-12.  An excellent immunity booster, tongue helps to promote healing, boost energy, prevent anemia, and maintain the health of the nervous system. 
  • Lungs:  contains iron and calcium. Lungs are rich in arteries and can support vascular health. Feeding lung meat can boost your dog’s lung health. Give it to your dog if he gets kennel cough or canine influenza.
  • Liver: full of nutrients, especially vitamin A and B vitamins. Liver contains important minerals like iron, choline, selenium and CoQ10.It helps support digestion, brain function, heart health and energy levels.  And, feeding liver helps your dog’s liver stay healthy!
  • Spleen: full of minerals like zinc, iron and selenium. These minerals support immune and hormone function. 
  • Pancreas:  contains natural enzymes, as well as insulin and glucagon.  Insulin directs glucose to its destination and assists with fat storage. Glucagon elevates blood sugar levels to provide the body with energy.   Especially good for dogs with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). 
  • Green Tripe:  nature's natural probiotic, it is full of enzymes and digestive enzymes which promotes a healthy gut biome and boosted immune system. 


Developed by GreenTripe in Gilroy, CA, from cattle that were raised on organic grass in the Central Valley. The animals all pass standards for human consumption.


FOR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION ONLY. Keep frozen. Just thaw and serve.


Available in 2lb chubs and 40lb boxes (20x 2lbs)

Tripe Organ Meat Blend

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