ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Bellyrubs Country Style Chicken Strips are made with only one all-natural ingredient: 97% fat free chicken fillets, making them naturally gluten and grain free


GREAT FOR TRAINING - With the aroma of real chicken, these long lasting jerky treats are a great choice for training your puppy or rewarding your dog with a special snack


CLEANS TEETH – These chewy chicken jerky sticks provide your dog with not only a delicious treat, but one that helps keep their teeth clean by removing plaque and tarter as they chew it


LONG LASTING TREATS - Made from only real 97% fat free chicken fillets, Bellyrubs country style chicken strips are a long lasting and delicious treat your dog is sure to love for years to come. A resealable bag maintains freshness without the need for refrigeration


EASY TO DIGEST – Every chicken chew that Bellyrubs makes is all-natural and free of chemicals, preservatives, additives, colorings, dyes, enhancers, fillers and hormones so that it is easy for your furry friend to digest


Sold in 3oz bags.  

Premium Chicken Strips