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ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Bellyrubs freeze-dried duck filets are made with only one all-natural ingredient: 100% duck filets, making them naturally gluten and grain free


GREAT FOR TRAINING – Easily broken into smaller pieces, these duck treats are a great choice for training your puppy. A resealable bag maintains freshness without the need for refrigeration


PROTEIN RICH TREATS – These all-natural duck snacks provide your dog with not only a delicious treat, but one that helps keep him healthy by being rich in protein 


NOTHING ARTIFICIAL - Made from only real 100% premium duck, Bellyrubs Duck Filet treats are a delicious treat your dog is sure to love for years to come


EASY TO DIGEST – The freeze-dried duck filets are all-natural and free of chemicals, preservatives, additives, colorings, dyes, enhancers, fillers and hormones so they are easy to digest and help to support a raw fed diet. 


Sold in 10oz bags. 

Freeze-Dried Duck Filets