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A seasonal favorite!  Get it while you can!


Our local butcher’s fresh blend of all-natural, free-range, wild caught elk mixed with pasture-raised beef.  All from our own Northern Nevada region.


100% Natural Free Range meats

Antibiotic and Hormone Free

No grains or fillers


Approximately 80% lean meat, 15% organs and 5% bonemeal.


High in protein and low in fat, this blend is a great addition to a varied raw diet! Just add your own dog-appropriate vegetables or fruits to round out the meal. Or try mixing in some Tripe with Trachea for extra nutrition. Your dog will love it!


Not a complete and balanced meal. For animal consumption only.


Approximate 2lb chubs, and 20lb boxes (10 x ~2lb chubs). Chubs are wrapped in freezer paper.


Keep frozen until ready for use.

Butcher’s Blend--Beef & Elk

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